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Supporter of the underground culture and faithful reader of American comics (MARVEL & DC-COMICS), Alain Zirah has created a universe having for main characters The Kat-Ladies. In May 2005, he created, LadyKat, a living character performed by Solene de Nissia and together, they had not ceased to rouse the festival goers' curiosity participating to the many VIP'S evening outings during the Cannes Festival. Facing such an interest, Alain Zirah has chosen the concept of THE KAT LADIES as a recurring theme.

In 2008 with the fashion designer Mathy Badji they organise The Kat Ladies Party and celebrate a show during 2008 & 2009 OFF DE CANNES ceremonies.

In 2010, Alain Zirah & Nicolas Biolley shot a 36mn film called « THE KAT LADIES » and had a 52mn screening in LE CHAMBORD Theatre in Marseille with the film and bonus (interviews, teaser, trailer...).

In 2011 Anne Gomis joins Alain Zirah as OFF DE CANNES manager and they create The Great International Contest of Numeric Films on the Web. They received as guests Max Howard (The Lion King producer), Jay Shindell (Iron Man 3 supervisor), Alan Reeves (Kill Bill 2) and many other guests ans jury members for 2012 to 2015 OFF DE CANNES ceremonies.

In 2016, Alain Zirah & the designer Yves Bordes present LEGEND, The Art Book, during Cannes festival in different prestigious places as CARLTON Grand Salon, MAJESTIC and organise a conference in RADO beach. Anne Gomis as producer organise the different 2015 OFF DE CANNES events. 

In 2018, Alain Zirah and his company AZ PRODUCTIONS have a project with JOULE ENTERTAINMENT in ASTORIA STUDIOS, New York City, and OVC PRODUCTIONS, London, for digital series, KAT LADIES for adults and KAT LADIZ for teenagers, including novels, comics and long features projects about this universe.


The sculptor Mauro Corda created various sculpture in white bronze called "La Gatta".


The designer artist Yves Bordes begins the Art Book of Legends with Alain Zirah and they made promotion in Cannes festival with agent Florent Ferer and Lisa Desormeaux (photo) for Luxe.TV (26 millions de téléspectateurs).

The digital 

series KAT 

LADIES began

 with short films 

LADYKAT, then 


feature called 


Now, it's the 

right time to 

contact us for 

all the artists 

who want to

 join the team.

Glamorous business girls change in warriors. Masks & haute couture dresses against a serial killer.

by ANGIE' FILMS & AZ PRODUCTIONS - Directed by Alain Zirah

KAT LADIES is the story of glamorous young girls, creatures of dreams all day long who turn into warriors during the night to help people in danger.

In the first episode Blood on the red carpet, shot in Cannes during the 70th festival, our heroins will be confronted to a serial killer on la Croisette. It’ll be an intense suspens with an enigma to solve.

The story follows in Marseille where the streets become dangerous with the arrival of a new atypic mayor. Knife replaced the guns in the city and women are no longer in security. Yet our heroines wear masks and haute-couture dresses to go out at night. The KATS LADIES apply their own justice and vengeance against men. But who is this mysterious assassin who leaves strange clues after each crime. From the Red carpet in Cannes to the streets of Marseilles, from La Ciotat to the Antilles and to the Temple of ABOU SIMBEL in Egypt, the KAT LADIES will lead a ruthless follow-up. The series explores the psychology of vengeance and the influence of the antic divinities (Egyptian, Sumerian, Atlantean) on today’s golden youth.