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The designer artist Yves Bordes begins the Art Book with Alain Zirah and they made promotion

 in InterContinental Carlton during Cannes festival. Here with fashion designer Anggy Haif.


 2010 KAT LADY

In may, Verane Beraud received the 2010 OFF CANNES FESTIVAL Grand Prix as the Kat Lady of the Year.

In an interview, Alain Zirah, the creator of KAT LADIES and OFF CANNES FESTIVAL, explains that he definitly wants Verane Beraud in his next film called "BLACK KATS".

The actress also known as a famous top model made differents shootings with the director to enter in the skin of her new character. It will be a cult movie! In that spin of, the actress will become DarkieKat, the Bad Kat. As he tells, DarkieKat is the evil in a perfect body and angel face. She destroy all the things she touchs. Worst can't exist!

A challenge for the actress known in the Jet-set for her charisma and kindness as a top model.

The french talented artist Sophie Janson aka Minatsuki Shaolan presents her brilliant illustrations of the famous characters of the saga.



Compulsive Jet-setter in her civilian life, she discovers that victims of crimes committed in her community strangely look like her music-hall partner, Luna Solar. During time in Egypt when she was teen, she was chosen by a mystic statue. As comics reader, back in Marseilles, she puts on her costume to become LadyKat, to lead the investigation about serial killer, beat men and protect the women.



This Amazon model and fashion designer lives on an island dedicated to women. She often crosses the sea to take part in fashion shows. When she discovers the existence of LadyKat, she decides to wear, night and day, a warrior costume. She makes an alliance with other Kat Ladies in order to destroy Ladykat.



She's envious, jealous, authoritative, possessive. Well, in factt, she's the absolute bad one. You've never dreamt worse ; nastier cannot exist. She mostly lives on an island forbidden to men, offshore from Marseilles. She hates LadyKat. Mistaking RoussyKat for LadyKat, she hounds her before becoming allied with her in order to destroy their worst enemy LadyKat.



This woman in white vinyl and fur is LaydKat's guardian angel. She moves unseen, in the shadow, to save the heroin from the nasty Kat Ladies' claws. She tries to keep secret her identity as well as her passion for journalism. As other hobbies, there are cats, motorbikes and dancing.



Rona Birdy Luz was beaten by her husband Herman Luz. So she decided to make her own justice and developed her desire for revenge against men and against LadyKat. One day, she discovers that she's half sister with LadyKat. Jealous, the youngest is always in competition with her older sister whom she hates. Under Kat Tiger's costume, she will contract an alliance with the Kat Ladies to blur the trails and make a fool of LadyKat.

All the illustrations are made by Minatsuki Shaolan